Federal Cybersecurity R&D

Toward a Federal Cybersecurity Game-change Research Agenda

This website is devoted to promoting information exchange for advancing the US Federal cybersecurity game-change research agenda.

The Federal research community invites the public to learn about the goals and priorities that are shaping the direction of the US Federal cybersecurity R&D. We welcome your feedback to refine the R&D themes and to inform planning for Federal cybersecurity programs and budgets.

Trustworthy Cyberspace: Strategic Plan for the Federal Cybersecurity Research and Development Program

Over the last three years, Federal agencies engaged in an intensive round of public discussions, brainstorming, and detailed examinations of cybersecurity-related technical issues in order to develop the research objectives that are at the heart of this strategic plan. The thrusts provide a framework for prioritizing Federal cybersecurity R&D in a way that concentrates research efforts on limiting current cyberspace deficiencies, precluding future problems, and expediting the infusion of research accomplishments into the marketplace:

  • Inducing Change – using game-changing themes to understand the root causes of existing cybersecurity deficiencies with the goal of disrupting the status quo;
  • Developing Scientific Foundations – minimizing future cybersecurity problems by developing the science of security;
  • Maximizing Research Impact – catalyzing coordination, collaboration, and integration of research activities across Federal agencies for maximum effectiveness; and
  • Accelerating Transition to Practice – expediting improvements in cyberspace from research findings through focused transition programs.


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